Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coupon Organizing

I want to mention that I've been diligently clipping coupons every Sunday in the paper.  I also bought a super duper organizer from staples that looks similar to  this:
I labeled each tab with an area of the grocery store/shopping place: 
  • produce
  • meat/fish
  • dairy
  • freezer
  • cleaning supplies
  • non-perishables
  • health/beauty/medicine
  • paper goods
  • misc. home things
  • other restaurants
    • Any discounts I have to restaurants or food stores go here
  • mall
    • Gift cards go here
 This coupon organizer had been extremely helpful in helping me keep track of my coupons and really saving money!  What do you do to keep track of your coupons?

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