Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Can't Zip My Ski Pants

After a long day of skiing, exercising, and feeling great, I look down and see that my fly is wide open.  I'm too fat for my ski pants.  Sad and exhausted, I grabbed a margarita and contemplated my chubbiness.  I love cooking and baking, and have a soft spot for cookies.  I have this great cookbook with quick, easy to make meals, but I noticed that the easier a meal is to make, the more butter and sugar it uses.  I also have plenty of healthy recipes, but it does no good to eat a healthy, low fat meal one night and go out for thai food the next night.

Determined to zip up my ski pants, I went to the bookstore, sat myself down in the middle of the "Healthy Cooking" section, and paged through the cookbooks to find something intriguing.  That's when I found "The Best of Clean Eating."  I liked this cookbook because it includes 4 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists.  At last!  Now I found a healthy cookbook that literally told me what to do.  I bought the book, went home, and ate a cookie.  That's when I realized that I was committing myself to a diet, which I adamantly refuse to do.  Instead I will go through this 4 week meal plan as a suggestion guide, blogging as I go.

The catch?  While I'm trying to slim down, my boyfriend is trying to gain weight.  That means as I sit here eating my allotted 4 grapes, he's scarfing down a hamburger.  

Game on.

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