Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 11

Today I was back at home but hadn't yet taken a trip to the grocery store, so I was determined to eat only what I already had in the house.  My plan for the future weeks is to not waste any foods. If I have leftovers, I will incorporate them into the upcoming days somehow.  I am not made of money.  Au contraire, I am made of fat. 

Today was the most boring day of blogging ever because I got to pick everything so nothing was bad.  Please brace yourself for the boredom:

For breakfast, I cooked up 2 egg whites, onions, some roasted red pepper, and 1 tablespoon mozzerella cheese.  Yum. I really can't believe I didn't eat eggs before this healthy eating kick - they are super easy.

For my first snack, I ate 6 oz low fat plain yogurt with 1/2 cup granola.  I was definitely right that plain yogurt tastes better with stuff in it.  If I had any fresh fruit I would have eaten that instead of the granola, but overall a pretty filling snack.

For lunch I had some leftover couscous, 3 oz tuna, and 1 tablespoon cheese - a quasi tuna melt.  Kinda.  

Snack 2 consisted of 3/4 cup kefir and a 100 calorie pack of cheese

Now for the exciting part. Buckle up.

For dinner, I flipped to the "Cooking for One or Two" section of the cookbook. I almost spit my water out laughing all over the cookbook because the first recipe listed serves 4.  Jokes on you, editors.  I turn the page.  I happen across a salmon recipe that is served with an orange glaze and decide that the meal is easy and suits my fancy.  But requires a trip to the supermarket.

Boyfriend and I venture out to the grocery store armed with a list of the ingredients we need for dinner as well as the next 3 days of food.  That's all.  I'll go back Sunday night to shop for the rest of the week. I am determined to win this fight against produce going bad.  

I'd like to pause here because I've had a request from one of my readers that I give my boyfriend a name.  From now on, he will be called Michael Jordan.  He picked this name on his own.  He's very creative.  And original.  I'm just going to call him MJ. 

So MJ and I got back from the store and I whipped up some fabulous salmon, served with spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes in a orange glaze.  Now the orange glaze was exceptionally delicious, but was definitely not the right consistency.  The editors suggest the glaze be used on any chicken or fish dish, so I will certainly be trying this again.

I found it very interesting that the orange glaze was made with Smuckers Low Sugar Orange Marmalade - not the Sugar-Free kind. I figured out that the sugar free kind is loaded with artifical crap (i.e. Splenda) that the clean eating editors think are bad for you.  I totally get you, editors. 

So tomorrow I'm back on track with my meal plans.  My apologies for my boring eating life today.  Tomorrow brings more misproportioned embarrassing foods, so get excited.

Shoutout to whoever is reading this blog in Germany. I wonder how you say cottage cheese in German.

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