Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Days 9 and 10


Today is a full day of totally, 100% eating outside my own house.  I traveled another hour to spend the day with my brother Jason and his wife Bethany.  I ate a quick breakfast on the go - a slice of whole wheat bread with 1 tablespoon almond butter and 1 banana.   This would definitely be approved by the editors of Clean Eating.  

When I arrived at my brother's house he wanted to go out for lunch at his favorite Mexican place.  I was hesitant to agree until he told me there's a 2-for-1 deal on lunches.  Win.  Nothing beats a cheap meal.

When the bowl of chips and salsa were placed in front of me I was like one of Pavlov's dogs.  I sat in agony watching Jason devour the chips.  I caved and ate 4 chips with salsa.  And I even tried to wipe the salt off them... if that counts for anything.  For my actual meal I was not a good, healthy eater.  I had a mini-veggie burrito (with broccoli, onions, beans, cheese) and a cheesy something-or-other mexican dish.  I did leave most of the beans and rice on my plate and did NOT order a margarita! 

When Bethany came home from work I made Jason and Bethany try my almond butter cookies.  They both enjoyed them and I left a few for them to snack on in the upcoming week.  I ate one as well, so I guess that counts as snack 2.

For dinner I was much better - Bethany was nice enough to make a homemade meal, which totally makes up for my horrible lunch and dinner from the night before.  Bethany made ground turkey with sauteed onions, whole wheat pasta and tomato sauce.  It was so good!  I limited myself to a small helping and made a mental note of the recipe so that I could cook the meal for myself at home.  My favorite part about visiting Jason and Bethany was that they had a scale that weighed the food we were making so it was really easy to portion out how much meat, etc. to make!   I will have to buy one of those for my own home and avoid eyeballing the measuring cup and doing my own math for the fishman.  They seem to be pretty reasonably priced at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  

I thanked Jason and Bethany for dinner, left them some almond butter cookies, and headed back to our friend's place an hour away.  When I arrived, I was sad to hear they hadn't eaten dinner yet and they were on their way out.  We went to this place known for burgers and I felt compelled to have some type of food in front of me so I didn't just eat my boyfriend's french fries.  I ordered a plain side salad - lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots.  Balsamic vinaigrette on the side.  I maybe ate half the salad, but it kept me sidetracked from eating too many french fries or tasting the hamburgers.  Meanwhile, they were downing beers.  I know that I can't have mexican AND beer in the same day, so I resort back to my vodka gimlet.  

Today I probably didn't lose any weight.  In fact I probably made zero or backwards progress.  Ugh I'm going to need new ski pants.

DAY 10

Before we head back home, we go out to breakfast with our friends to say goodbye.  The eggs benedict are recommended to me, but knowing that Hollandaise sauce is probably not on the top 100 list of healthy choices to make, I created my own egg-white omelette with onions, green peppers, cheddar cheese, and 1/2 slice of whole wheat toast.  

We say goodbye and then we were back on the road, ending our mid-week trip.  But first, another 6 hour car trip to get through.  I snacked on 10 cocoa roast almonds.
Jason suggested I try these and they are awesome.  Much tastier than just a regular boring old almond.  According to the Livstrong website, they are really not that bad for you and can make a good snack.  I also had 1/2 of a banana.  

For lunch we were set on not eating greasy, gross, rest stop food.  I held off having to pee for over an hour so that we could find a rest stop that had some type of sandwich place where I could buy a healthier sandwich on whole wheat bread.  After we passed 14 different rest stops, we finally found the holy grail: Quiznos.  We pull over and I sprint inside to use the bathroom. Much to my dismay, Quiznos is closed.  
The smoothie place is closed.  
Even the pizza place is closed.  
What's open?  
Burger King.  @$!*%!@$&* 

I insist that we leave the rest stop without food.  Heck, I have enough snacks packed to feed a very small country.  I refuse to eat the fried Burger King "food."  My boyfriend is understanding and we get back in the car.  He eats a clementine to prevent starvation and/or hating my guts for being picky about our lunch.  Luckily, the next exit had a huge sign indicating they were the proud home of Subway.  The true holy grail.  
Thanks to Jared's Subway diet, Subway makes it so easy to figure out what's healthy and what's pretending to be healthy but is really a fatty, lonely food item that just doesn't want to get picked last for gym class.  Not this time Mr. Mayonnaise.  I order a 310 cal turkey sandwich and I'm pumped.  I'm back on track to being a healthy superstar.

We get back home to our apartment and each enjoy an afternoon snack of 1 slice of whole wheat bread with 1 tablespoon almond butter.  Delicious and super easy to make.  

Now dinner.  You thought I was being really good right?  Did I convince you my bad eating habits from the previous days were over?  If so I am a good magician.  Watch out Harry Houdini.  

For dinner my boyfriend and I went out to celebrate a number of very important things that required a very nice celebration.  Life is full of celebrations and I will continue to celebrate happy things.  This means I had a 1 glass of white wine.  For an appetizer I had 3 steamed vegetable dumplings.  For the main meal I had sauteed chicken with vegetables (onions, peppers, zucchini) and a little bit of white rice and egg.  I'll have to remember to ask if they have brown rice if we go back to the same restaurant.  The meal also came with assorted side dishes - bites of eggplant, broccoli, sprouts and potatoes.  I tried to avoid eating too much rice and focus on the veggies.  The meal was probably not too unhealthy, but the portion sizes were way bigger than what Clean Eating would tell me to eat for a week!  

Oh and dessert.  I had some gelato.  It was very very good.  I was very very bad.  Tomorrow I NEED to go back to the gym.  I had a great mini vacation visiting friends and family and celebrating happy occasions, but I'm glad to be home so I can get back on track...
...and so can my zipper.


  1. Yay good discoveries! Yay celebrations! P.S. That dinner sounds fantastic that Bethany and Jason made.... maybe add some mushrooms next time ;-)

  2. I love those cocoa almonds too!


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