Where To Begin?

In January 2011, I decided I needed to make a healthy change in my life and start eating better, keeping a blog as a journal/diary/complaint box as I went.  I'm trying to lose weight and still live a normal life.  My boyfriend, Michael Jordan (MJ) is trying to gain weight.  

I recommend the best place to begin on this journey is chronologically, starting with my first post: I Can't Zip My Ski Pants

Update: I finished my 28 days of meal plans in March of 2011 (taking me 9 weeks to eat 4 weeks of food!).  I lost 11 pounds following the meal plan and can't stop now!

Since completing the 4 week meal plan, I've been planing my own meals for the week and trying out new recipes from my clean eating cookbook and other healthy cookbooks.  Please continue to follow along!

Update: In 2012, MJ proposed and we are now clean eating and wedding planning.  Stay tuned as Julie Chickpea becomes Mrs. Julie Jordan!

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