Monday, July 9, 2012

A Typical Breakfast in the Chickpea/Jordan House

I know what you're thinking...
Julie, you only blog about dinners now.  What gives?  I know you eat other meals.  I miss hearing about those!  Tell me about those!

You're right, reader.  I've been so focused on sharing my clean eating dinners that I've neglected to tell you about the rest of my day.

Lucky for you, I snapped this picture at breakfast:

On the left, we have MJ's oatmeal and a smoothie.  MJ usually eats oatmeal 6 days a week.  Maybe 4 of those days he'll add some fruit - like pieces of bananas or strawberries.  If we have other fruit, like cantaloupe or honeydew he'll eat some pieces on the side. 
To accompany his meal of oats, he'll usually have a big glass of skim milk.  (Is it still called skim milk?  fat free? whatever, that's what I mean.)  Today, however, he made a smoothie for breakfast.  MJ loves smoothies.  He probably makes 6 smoothies a week, usually after getting back from the gym.  I don't like smoothies so I never share with him even though he always makes enough for two glasses.  He then drinks two smoothies.  Remember, he's trying to gain weight so he's allowed to have too many servings of smoothies.

On the right, we have a Go-To Breakfast that we've all grown to know and love.  In case you forgot, this consists of a whole wheat english muffin, toasted, topped with all natural unsalted peanut butter and 1/2 sliced banana.  I'm nice and I give the other half of the banana to MJ to put in his oatmeal.

To accompany my go to breakfast, I usually have a half glass of non-fat milk and lately I've added an iced coffee, with only non-fat milk in it (no sugar!). 

So there you have it.  Thanks for joining us for breakfast.  Bring a plate next time and we'll feed you, too!

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