Monday, February 28, 2011

Days 39, 40 and 41

DAY 39

Today I started feeling better. For breakfast I had a few whole wheat crackers.  For lunch I had a half of a grilled brie panini sandwich.  Not the best, but I was so excited because I was finally able to keep food down!  This was just in time because my brother Jason and his wife Bethany were coming to visit!  (Yes, they brought their dog Bryn).  Bethany really wanted to try one of my healthy meals for dinner, so MJ and I decided to invite over my cousin Jamie and MJ's brother for  a big dinner.  We made healthy chicken "fried" rice (Day 5 Dinner) and it was a big hit!  However, cooking for 6 people requires a LOT more food and wok space than cooking for 2.  I had to use two different pans just to fit all the food and use a big bowl to mix it all.  I also served a salad with asian noodles, mandarin oranges and a sesame/ginger dressing to start.  I intended to make a healthy salad dressing, but picked the easier, ready-made version because cooking the "fried" rice took so much longer than I thought it would.  Regardless of the time and the small-pan problem, the "fried" rice was a big success!  I think it would be nice to have a whole asian themed dinner party - there are a lot of different options in the cook book that could be used as salads and appetizers and side dishes.  I'll be sure to post about it if I decide to throw such a party.

After dinner everyone had some drinks.  Since I was newly recovered from being sick, I stuck to water and had a little bit of Sangria.  

Jason also introduced me to Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cups.  They are delicious and I hate him for brining an open bag of delicious chocolate into my life.  And I love him for it.  You should NOT try these unless you have a big group of people who can eat them so you don't eat the whole bag!!!

DAY 40

MJ and I took off from work to spend the day with Jason and Bethany.  For breakfast, I decided to try out out the pancake recipe in the cookbook.  

The pancakes are essentially made from oats and whole wheat flour.  We all agreed that they tasted like Matzah or Matzah Brei, and not like pancakes.  But they were okay.  And they were pretty filling, especially when you eat them with fruit.  MJ told me he would eat them if I made them again.  We'll see if that every happens.

We were out for lunch and ended up getting deli sandwiches.  I had turkey with an avocado spread, lettuce and tomatoes.  And mayonnaise.  I couldn't resist my old bad habits.  Shame on me.

And then we got cupcakes.  Shame on me again.  I had a fabulous fabulous red velvet cupcake.  It was worth every calorie!  

Before dinner we had some drinks - I made "margaritas" by using beer, limeaid and tequila.  They are delicious and so easy to make!  You should definitely try it out!  

For dinner we met one of Bethany's friends at an asian restaurant.  I had three pieces of sushi, a steamed chicken dumpling and a pad thai noodle dish.  And 2 saki bombs!  So fun!  So not part of my healthy life style!  Good thing I lost so much weight when I was sick!  This is just part of my recovery, right?

When we went to the bars after dinner I stuck with my vodka gimlet.  Yum!  I missed you vodka gimlet!

DAY 41

Bethany and Jason are leaving today.  Maybe then I'll get back to my meal plan.  I still have to finish Week 3 and then get through all of Week 4!  I never would have guessed it would take me so long to eat 28 days of meals!  

For breakfast I had a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter and a glass of low-fat milk.  For lunch we went out an I had 3/4 of a personal sized Papa John's pizza.  Luckily MJ ate my last little slice so I didn't have to eat the whole thing!  Then I said goodbye to Jason and Bethany and little Bryn and decided it was time to get back to clean eating!  But not after getting a skinny caramel macchiato from starbucks.  Only 140 calories!

MJ and I went to the grocery store to re-stock on fresh produce and natural foods.  As luck would have it, the grocery store is out of our beloved almond butter!! They only had the salted version available.  MJ and I decided not to "risk" trying the salted version because we're sure we will like it more than the unsalted kind we usually get and then we'll never go back to the "healthier" kind.  So we must be patient.  If they don't have the almond butter back by the end of the week we'll probably have to get some brand name kind.  I'll keep you posted.

For dinner we decided to make the Eggplant, Kale Penne Pasta with Pine Nuts and Feta (Dinner on Day 13).  Low and behold, the grocery store didn't have any eggplant.  Kinda difficult to make an eggplant dish without an eggplant.  We replaced the eggplant with onions and mushrooms.  The meal still came out pretty good, but I prefer the eggplant version.

For dessert I had a left over peanut butter chip cupcake. So delicious!!  For the next two days I'll be traveling for work.  Then I PROMISE to go back to the meal plans!  

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