Thursday, June 14, 2012

Honey Mustard Tilapia

Michael Jordan and I watched a special on the 1992 Dream Team last night.  He really enjoyed reminiscing about his glory days in the 90s.  Great video footage of all his fans in Barcelona.

We should really get together with Magic and Bird soon.  Maybe I'll invite them over for dinner.

Meanwhile, while we were watching MJ win the gold with his buddies in '92, we ate dinner.
This week, MJ went to the grocery store on his own.  Which means he bough bananas, milk, and a bag of salad.
Luckily, we had a package of frozen tilapia.  I defrosted it and then flavored it with a Chickpea family classic - honey and mustard.  This combination really works on any fish.  Equal parts honey and mustard.  Super easy.  I also topped the tilapia fillets with a few panko crumbs to give the salad a little more pizazz.  I baked the fish in the oven for 15 minutes and then put it on the salad and called it a day.

During a commercial break, MJ added balsamic vinaigrette to his salad.  Then he asked for rice.  We have this really easy frozen rice medley from trader joes:

It only takes 3 minutes to make and tastes great.  I topped mine with a little honey/mustard mixture to tie in the flavors.  This meal probably took about about 1 minute of prep time and 15 minutes to cook.  This dinner gets a gold medal for being simple, easy and yummy.

Honey Mustard Tilapia with Salad and Rice Medley

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