Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peanut Toss Chicken

Sorry for the delay in posts, friends.  We spent a few days not cooking anything and then a lot of days cooking and somehow I fell behind.  Don't worry, I have a lot of posts queued up for a few days of yummy clean eating.
This week I did something strange - I brought my cookbook to the grocery store.  I hate shopping when I'm not sure what I'll be making because I'll either a) fall back on boring meals that we make all the time, or b) forget a key ingredient, like the chicken.
So, I bought my cookbook.  Actually, it went something more like this:
MJ: "hey Julie, since I did the grocery shopping last, we're out of everything!  Meet me at Trader Joe's on your way home from work?"
Julie: "okay, dear, but can you bring the 100, 200, 300 cookbook? It's tiny."
MJ: "yea it's huge but I'll bring it."

So I met MJ at the front of the store and while he selected bananas and apples, I flipped through the 300 section of the cookbook to decide what to get.

The first meal I picked was "Peanut Toss Pork" but we Chickpeas don't eat pork, so I substituted the pork out for chicken.  You may remember that I've made this exact recipe before, which I also knew, but didn't bother to read my previous blog post before making this meal.
The good news is that I cooked the veggies correctly this time.  The bad news is that I still thought the sauce had WAY too much ginger.*  But again, the good news is that I made the sauce on the side and could happily enjoy the meal without any gingery contamination. 

So here's how you make peanut toss chicken/pork - cook whatever you like.

  1. Begin preparing brown rice.
  2. Heat peanuts in a pan for about 3 minutes, stirring constantly.
  3. While MJ stirs for you, cut peppers and onions into long strips.  The recipe also calls for carrots, but I'm not a huge fan of carrots, so I left them out.  But don't listen to me, if you like carrots - cut some carrots!
  4. Remove the peanuts from the heat and throw in sliced chicken/pork.  Saute until the meat is no longer pink.
  5. Remove the chicken/pork and add the veggies.
  6. Meanwhile, make sauce from the following ingredients: low sodium soy sauce, cider vinegar, ginger (NOT TOO MUCH), garlic, salt, pepper.  I'd give you measurements but I hated the ones the book suggested, so I would never tell you to do that.*
  7. Once the veggies have been cooking for about 5 minutes, re-add the chicken and peanuts. 
  8. Cook another 2 minutes
  9. Serve over brown rice.  Top with non-gingery sauce.
  10. Enjoy!
* I should probably mention that MJ enjoyed the sauce.  Maybe I'm just ginger-sensitive?

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