Friday, June 8, 2012

Peach Salsa Salmon

Good afternoon, Bloggettes. 
I have another fabulous, quick and easy recipe that I created. 
You can customize this recipe any way you want to make it delicious for you. Here's what I did:

I was standing in Trader Joe's and decided I wanted to make some type of fish with a flavored salsa.  There were two contenders for Battle Salsa: Peach and Pineapple.

First, I was worried that the Peach salsa was called "spicy" and "smoky."  I have zero tolerance for anything spicy and was worried a strong spicy flavor might ruin the meal for me.  But this salsa is on the mild to medium side, so don't be alarmed.  Both Peach and Pineapple had all natural ingredients, all that I could pronounce, and similar calories/serving.  However, the Peach salsa had less sodium, so it was crowned the winner of the epic battle of peach v. pineapple.

I also picked up some salmon, which MJ and I love, avocados, which we adore, and some Spanish rice to complete the dish.

Honestly though you could make this meal with any salsa, any fish, and any rice/side dish and it will be delicious.

At home, I turned the oven on to somewhere around 400, poured some salsa on top of my salmon, and baked the fish for about 15 - 20 minutes (checking often and ignoring the burning smell from the salsa that leaked onto the tray).

I loved how little effort I had to put into the meal.  More importantly, I loved how it tasted because I used all of our favorite things.  The peach salsa had great flavor and wasn't spicy at all.  And I think avocado takes any meal to the next level, so tonight was a great success in the Chickpea-Jordan household.  Let me know if you come up with a fish-salsa creation that you want to share!

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