Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm back and getting married!

Hello again to all my long lost readers!  I know it has been over a year since we last met via blog post, but have no fear, Julie is here. 

Let's see  - a lot has changed over the past year.  I've changed jobs. Changed cities.  Changed relationship status.  That's right, Julie Chickpea is going to be Mrs. Julie Jordan!  It's true, clean eating gets you engaged.  You should really try it. 

So now I have a new goal in the distant future: be in shape and lose weight for my future wedding to Michael Jordan.  However, I still maintain that this is not a diet, and this is certainly not a wedding diet and this is certainly certainly not a wedding diet blog.  This is just the beginning of my future life with MJ, and I'm starting early.  Or continuing where I left off.  However you want to think about it.

Now on to the food.  I still have my go-to peanut butter, whole wheat english muffin and banana breakfast almost every morning.  Unless we forgot to go to the grocery store and I eat a veggie egg white flat bread at Dunkin Donuts. 

I've made an effort to start cooking dinners again, and that's where this handy dandy blog will help us both.  I'll tell you about our dinners.  You read about them and try them out!  Sound like a plan?  Okay you don't really need to try any of them, but I'll still tell you about our dinners.  However, since I'm not following an exact meal plan, I'll just tell you about each meal on its own instead of telling you about my whole week/day.  And I'll probably tell you about my wedding, too.  And we'll lose weight! Sounds like a plan? Great.  Let's get started... again.

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