Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 71

So I'm trying something new this week.  Instead of picking out a set day everyday, I picked out 6 dinners that I plan on making, and listed them here.  Now each day I'll pick a dinner and blog about how it goes!

Monday Morning Weigh In:
I was dreading this morning's weigh in.  Mostly because I know how bad I was this past weekend.  I was not surprised to see the number went back up 3 pounds.  However, my percent body fat went down about 5%.  I guess this means I'm actually gaining muscle!  Once I realized this I was no longer sad to be back at 5 pounds from my end goal. 

Today for breakfast I had my go-to englishmuffin/pb/banana with 3/4 cups of milk.

For lunch I had a salad with lettuce, chickpeas, cucumbers, tuna, tomatoes, broccoli, and some cheese.  I used a little balsamic vinaigrette. 

For snacks, I had 2 cheese sticks, some granola, a SKINNY caramel machiatto from starbucks, a little "whoopie pie" also from starbucks, and some smoothie that MJ made after work.

For dinner, I really wanted to make the Eggplant, Kale and Penne (since we still have so much left over pasta) but the grocery store is still not carrying eggplant!  I guess it's out of season?

I skipped ahead and made a Maple Soy Salmon, found in the "summer bbq" section of the best of clean eating cookbook.  Now I know I often make fun of the clean eating editors, but this recipe is a simple hit: marinate salmon in 1 tbsp pure maple syrup and 1 tbsp low sodium soy sauce.  Grill.  Eat.  So easy.  Thanks editors!  

Since it is not warm out, I broiled the salmon instead of grilling it, and served it with brown rice and edamame.

The only change I would make would be to marinate the fish longer and use the extra soy-syrup as a sauce (we just used soy sauce alone).  

For dessert I had - you guessed it - a vitamuffin top.  Yum!

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