Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Do You Organize Your Leftovers?

So I've come across this issue of keeping track of everything in my fridge - whether it's something that I need to eat before it expires of leftovers that I need to eat before they go bad.  

But what's the best way of keeping track of your leftovers?  

When I started this meal plan, you may remember that all my produce kept going bad and I would have to throw out a lot before I could use it.  Now that I am only buying for about 3 days at a time, I generally eat my fresh foods before they go bad, but now I have a problem that I'm only using parts of things - half a container of chickpeas, half a bag of carrots, half a jar of beans.  How do you keep track of what you have opened and remember to eat it in time?

I recently purchased Post-It Label Pads so that I can easily label my containers with a date of when I opened it or when I need to throw it out.  Or sometimes we just cover the food with foil and write directly on the foil with a sharpie.  So now my fridge looks more like this:

The problem is that I'm still finding things that get pushed to the back of the fridge that have dates way past the "you can still eat this stage."

So please, leave comments, suggestions, anything - how can I keep track of what's in my fridge?!

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  1. Try keeping a list on the front of your refrigerator of everything perishable in it. As you finish an item (i.e. eat it up), you can erase it or cross it off your list, depending on whether or not it is on paper or an erasable board.


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